Speak up!

MAN whistleblower portal

Chart with information on the whistleblower portal Speak up!

Reporting serious compliance breaches confidentially, worldwide and around the clock

MAN wishes to promote the strength of its performance and quality, and thus boost the confidence of employees, shareholders and business partners in the MAN Group. In light of this, integrity and compliant conduct are our highest priorities within MAN. MAN has set up a sound compliance organization that helps to prevent risks for the company. If compliance breaches occur, the whistleblower portal Speak up! is an effective tool to uncover such breaches as quickly as possible.

Employees and business partners can report serious compliance breaches in the areas of white collar crime (e.g. acts of corruption and money laundering), antitrust law and data protection confidentially, worldwide and around the clock via the MAN whistleblower portal Speak up! at https://www.bkms-system.net/MAN. Speak up! is available in 11 languages and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled PC. The technology used for the portal, which is supplied by Business Keeper AG guarantees the highest level of security for whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers can register on Speak up! with their proper name or a pseudonym of their choice. Then they enter the highly secure portal where they can submit their tip-offs and also upload files relating to the incident, if applicable. The Compliance Department of MAN SE checks the tip-off for consistency and plausibility, contacting the whistleblower again via the Speak up! portal if necessary. MAN treats all tip-offs confidentially and sensitively.