Speak up!

Reporting regulatory violations confidentially, worldwide and around the clock

Integrity and compliant conduct are of the highest priority for MAN. In order to guarantee these values and to avoid or minimize potential risks due to regulatory violations, it is crucial that any regulatory violations are identified, clarified, and eliminated internally as early as possible.

At MAN, tip-offs regarding potential regulatory violations can be reported by employees and external partners through various channels. All tip-offs are accepted and checked by the TRATON Investigation Office. Together with the MAN investigating unit (Corporate Audit) or another appropriate unit within the MAN Group, the TRATON Investigation Office ensures that comprehensive and appropriate investigations are carried out.

Information on data protection and the rights to which you are entitled can be found here: https://traton.com/en/data-protection.html

24/7 MAN online whistleblower portal Speak up!

To report tip-offs regarding serious regulatory violations in the area of white-collar crime, e.g. regarding corruption, antitrust law, or data protection issues or regarding violations of human rights, employees and external partners worldwide can use the Speak up! tool, which is available around the clock in eleven languages.

Speak up! is accessible from every Internet-enabled computer via the following link: https://www.bkms-system.net/MAN

Whistleblowers can register on Speak up! with their name or anonymously by using a pseudonym of their choice. By entering the highly secure portal, they can submit their tip-offs and also upload files relating to the incident, if applicable. The TRATON Investigation Office checks and processes the tip-offs and in case of questions can contact the whistleblower again via the Speak up! portal.

24/7 Volkswagen whistleblower hotline (phone)

In addition to this, regulatory violations can also be reported via the Volkswagen AG whistleblower hotline. The hotline is available around the clock and accepts tip-offs from all brands of the Volkswagen Group – if desired also anonymously. All tip-offs concerning MAN that are received via the hotline are forwarded to the TRATON Investigation Office directly.

This is how you can reach the whistleblower hotline (please note that the + needs to be replaced by the country code)

  • + 800 444 46300

  • + 49 5361 946300 (chargeable number, if your local telephone provider does not support the above-mentioned toll-free service)

Report tip-offs by post or via e-mail

You can also report potential regulatory violations by post or via e-mail to the TRATON Investigation Office.

Postal address:

TRATON Investigation Office
Dachauer Street 641
80995 Munich