MAN Compliance Program


Five people holding a telephone conference

Classroom and online trainings on Compliance topics

The GRC Organization holds training on compliance issues worldwide for MAN employees who may be exposed to compliance risks.

The training sessions introduce the MAN GRC Organization and convey basic knowledge about white collar crime, anticorruption, antitrust law and the prevention of money laundering. Further, risks are highlighted using specific examples. The content of compliance policies is also communicated. Employees learn how they should conduct themselves in order to avoid legal violations and conflicts.

In addition to this, trainings are given online and there are special training sessions on specific issues for employees working in areas that are particularly at risk. This for example applies to employees working in competition and market analysis departments, who receive in-depth training sessions by the GRC Organization. In addition, managers at MAN are given trainings on the specific compliance risks they are facing due to their position as management members and their particular responsibility arising therefrom.