MAN Compliance Program


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Regular exchange of experiences with experts

MAN is also active in the field of compliance outside of the Group. The GRC Organization regularly exchanges its experiences with current compliance topics with experts from industry and academia. GRC Organization employees give talks at compliance conferences and events. Among other things, MAN is also involved in the Netzwerk Compliance association which deals with contested legal, financial, and organizational issues surrounding compliance and best practice between industry, banks, insurance, and other interested parties. In early 2011, a Netzwerk Compliance event took place at MAN at which around 150 international compliance experts debated the issue of compliance in BRIC countries and emerging markets.


MAN supports and encourages the fight against corruption and represents this position together with other companies in the following organizations: MAN has been a corporative member of the global anticorruption organization Transparency International since September 2010. The MAN Group has also joined the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative in 2011 and is a founding member of DICO (Deutsches Institut für Compliance).

  • Transparency International
    Is a worldwide operating non-governmental Organization headquartered in Berlin which is engaged in the national and international fight against corruption in national- and business economics
  • Global Compact
    Global Compact or United Nations Global Compact is the English Name of a world-wide agreement between Companies and the UNO to make the Globalization more social and ecologically.
  • German Institute for Compliance
    At the end of 2012, the German Institute for Compliance (DICO) was founded in Berlin. The aim of the association is to set standards for compliance and for professional qualifications in this area, and to contribute substantially in the shaping of good corporate governance in Germany. The other founding members besides MAN, are also well-known companies and their respective compliance officers, e.g. Allianz, Axel Springer, EnBW, Metro, Merck, RWE, Siemens, Talanx.