MAN Compliance Program

MAN’s Compliance Program focuses on white collar crime (especially anticorruption, prevention of money laundering) and antitrust law.

In this respect, MAN has developed a Group-wide Integrity and Compliance Program that:

  • detects as early as possible any compliance violations that may arise despite preventative measures (detection), and

  • responds quickly and efficiently to these compliance violations (response).

Compliance - for good reason

Corruption and cartel formation pose particularly high risks for the Company and its employees. Compliance violations in these areas can lead to high fines for the Company, penal sanctions against employees, actions for damages brought by customers, competitors and suppliers, order freezes and negative press.

MAN’s Supervisory and Executive Boards have also pushed to improve the compliance system as a result of the investigations following allegations of corruption, so that such cases do not occur again under any circumstances.

Compliance - everyone’s business

In light of this, MAN does not tolerate any breaches of compliance. Adhering to internal rules and legal regulations must take precedence over achieving financial goals for every MAN employee.

Every employee must ensure that compliance is not violated within his / her area of responsibility. MAN’s GRC Organization actively supports employees in such efforts.

MAN Compliance Program and Publications

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Raise awareness

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Detect violations

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Respond appropriately

 Compliance Publications

Compliance Publications