Governance, Risk & Compliance Organization

Compliance Organization Chart

MAN’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Organization is headed by the Head of GRC / Chief Compliance Officer of MAN SE who directly reports to the CEO of MAN SE as well as to the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board. The GRC Organization is responsible for compliance and risk management issues throughout the Group.

To this end, the GRC Organization is embedded at two Group levels: the Corporate GRC Office at the Group’s headquarters and the GRC Organization in the subgroups.

The Corporate GRC Office performs central compliance and risk management tasks. This includes for example creating policies and regulations that apply throughout the Group as well as designing trainings for employees. In addition, the Corporate GRC Office regularly carries out a specific risk analysis to identify potential compliance risks for the Group and to align and further develop the Group-wide Compliance Program according to these risks. Moreover, the Corporate GRC Office manages risk management processes in the subgroups and is responsible for further developing the risk management measures in cooperation with the Risk / ICS Managers.

The GRC Organization at subgroup level is responsible for implementing the Compliance Program and the Risk Management System developed by the Corporate GRC Office in the Group companies of the subgroups. Each subgroup has a Head of GRC / Chief Compliance Officer who is supported by Compliance Officers in the different business units and regions and Risk / ICS Managers.

Compliance and risk management duties are also performed by the so-called Compliance Champions and Risk / ICS Coordinators. They are not full-time GRC employees, but MAN managers or employees who have assumed special responsibility for compliance or risk management matters.

Compliance Champions for example support the GRC Organization by ensuring that compliance measures are also implemented in Group companies with no Compliance Officer on site. Risk / ICS Coordinators on the other hand ensure the implementation of risk management processes in MAN entities.