Central Risk Management System

Risk & Opportunity Management (ROM)

In differentiation to the regular GRC process the main objective of the ROM process is to identify and assess acute risks and opportunities (so-called event risks and opportunities) at an early stage. Furthermore, it determines measures directed at mitigating risks and realizing opportunities and assesses the consequences of a potential risk acceptance.

Early identification and management of risks and opportunities are of particular importance to ensure that decision makers have enough time to take the corresponding countermeasures.

Roles and responsibilities

The ROM process is established at all management levels of the MAN Group as an accompanying management task.

The Risk Managers and Risk Coordinators in the subgroups ensure the implementation of the ROM processes at the MAN entities. Those employees responsible for risks, usually heads of divisions or departments, are responsible to identify and evaluate risks and opportunities as well as to define and manage risk mitigating measures. The relevant internal bodies are regularly informed on the risk situation of the MAN Group.