Central Risk Management System

Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

The CCM is an IT-based system that is integrated into the MAN Group to continuously monitor the business processes and controls in addition to the ICS. In order to make sure that purchasing and payment processes at MAN are policy-compliant and that compliance risks in these areas are discovered in good time, MAN has introduced the electronic CCM system. The CCM is supplemented by general IT controls that mainly review roles and authorizations in the core applications.

Roles and responsibilities

If specific process test items do not correspond to the procedures described in the central policies of the MAN Group on purchasing, invoicing, and payment transactions, the CCM system generates automatic alarms the processing of which is documented by employees in duty. The employees of the corresponding departments review the detected issues. As a result, different follow-up activities can be derived, for example the elimination of processing errors. In addition, potential for process optimization could come to light.