Pluralism & inclusion

Pluralism & Inclusion

At MAN, Pluralism & Inclusion is a long-term strategic approach with the aim of safeguarding the future. As we develop our corporate culture further, we encourage our employees to contribute their diverse skills, knowledge, experience, and points of view for the benefit of our Company.

We are living our corporate values; this makes us more innovative, agile, and dynamic and improves our competitive standing as a Global Champion.

Our focus

Pluralism as competitive driver:

Products 69% of companies that focus on diversity launch new or improved products considerably more frequently
Innovation Companies with a diverse workforce and management team bring 75% more innovations to market
Markets Listed companies with a diverse workforce and management team are 45% more likely to improve their market share
Image 72% of the companies surveyed said that diversity measures improve their image

MAN promotes pluralism

MAN takes targeted measures to promote pluralism in its workforce. In March 2017, the Company signed the German Diversity Charter, an initiative introduced by German businesses to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the aegis of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

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