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Group picture of MAN apprentices during an excursion to the forest

We are MAN. So are our apprentices.

How much CO2 can a cubic meter of wood store? What makes forestry sustainable? The Apprentice Academy on December 16, 2014, was all about sustainability. Twenty second-year apprentices took part in the excursion to Freising. Following workshops on corporate responsibility and sustainability within the Company, the apprentices set out to discover the forest.

Engineer and teacher Steffi Klatt from the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences accompanied the group and gave them an exciting insight into forestry: The apprentices were able to see a harvester at work in the forest and learn all there is to know about the wood harvest, from felling a tree and transporting it through storing the wood. They also learned about what you need to watch out for when buying wood since the origin of the wood is important – forests in Germany are managed in a sustainable manner. Being responsible and environmentally conscious is part of the corporate and management culture at MAN. Even apprentices should not only learn what this means in theory, but also what it means in practice – and how MAN assumes responsibility. By the end of the trip every apprentice was thinking about what they could personally do at MAN and also privately to handle resources responsibly.
Once the eventful day was over, it was time for the apprentices to head back to the company – which they did on an MAN Efficient Line bus of course.