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Distinctly sustainable

MAN not only enthuses customers and employees with responsibility but also numerous jury members of renowned awards. Apart from winning the Annual Multimedia Award and the European Transport Prize for Sustainability (Europäischer Transportpreis für Nachhaltigkeit) in two categories, MAN has also received the renowned European Excellence Award.

Logo of the European Transport Prize for Sustainability

European Transport Prize for Sustainability in two categories

MAN Truck & Bus won in the categories “Parts and equipment” and “Commercial vehicle and trailer leasing” with “MAN Genuine Parts® ecoline” and “Euro-Leasing/MAN Financial Services.” “MAN Genuine Parts® ecoline” are exchange parts that are processed entirely in accordance with MAN Genuine Parts® standards. This not only provides a cost-effective but also an ecological alternative without having to do without MAN’s top quality. “Euro-Leasing/MAN Financial Services” convinces with climate-efficient commercial vehicle leasing, as CO2 emissions from all journeys are automatically compensated for with climate certificates from MAN Financial Services.

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European Excellence Award's logo

European Excellence Award

MAN has won the renowned European Excellence Award in the “CSR Report” category convincing the jury with innovative and differentiated reporting in three formats: the MAN CR Online Journal, the MAN CR Journal, and the MAN GRI Report. In its report entitled “Corporate Responsibility Report 2014,” the Company offers its stakeholders a report geared towards its target groups making CR reporting more efficient.

Annual Multimedia Award's logo

Annual Multimedia Award

MAN’s Corporate Responsibility Online Journal 2014 won the silver Annual Multimedia Award in the “Microsite” category. MAN is breaking new ground in CR reporting by providing an innovative and brief overview of CR activities with its Online Journal; the interactive display of figures and dates, online reports and video clips make its particularly accessible to employees and customers.

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