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Kim Nørgaard, Head of Test Centre Frederikshavn with Prince Joachim of Denmark.
Kim Nørgaard, Head of Test Centre Frederikshavn with Prince Joachim of Denmark.

Prince Joachim of Denmark inaugurates Test Centre Frederikshavn

2015-09-28 MDT in Frederikshavn, Denmark invited the world inside to see their refurbished, state-of-the-art maritime test center under the motto ”Our Testing Warms You Up” on 22 September 2015.

Waste energy from engine testing is the main protagonist in Test Centre Frederikshavn’s heat recycling system. The waste energy is converted to hot water, which heats up homes in the city of Frederikshavn. This way, the inhabitants of Frederikshavn not only benefits from having an international knowledge and service company in its midst, with the resulting demand for local jobs and regional trade, 250 families also benefit directly from MDT’s engine testing.

The inauguration was opened with speeches by Head of MDT Frederikshavn Poul Knudsgaard, CEO Uwe Lauber, German Ambassador to Denmark Claus Robert Krumrei, and Chief Human Resources Officer Wilfried von Rath, who also introduced H.R.H. Prince Joachim of Denmark. The Prince held a speech, which touched upon a number of recurring themes during the inauguration, drawing on his interest in engines from motorsports: high technology and engineering knowledge, collaboration between companies and municipalities, and he applauded recycling waste energy for the good of the surrounding community.

From then on, Head of Test Centre Frederikshavn Kim Nørgaard took the reins and led the guests on a guided tour to follow the energy flow from engine testing to the city mains. The first stop was the control room of the test center where Prince Joachim pushed the start button for a MAN 16V32/44CR engine in test cell 7 to officially inaugurate Test Centre Frederikshavn.

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