MAN Climate Strategy – products

MAN takes climate protection very seriously and is aware of its responsibility. We are already turning our thoughts to our post-2020 roadmap. The Paris Agreement on climate change established international guidelines, which we will align our future climate targets to.

Consistently efficient product portfolio status

Since 2009, MAN Truck & Bus has been working on new solutions for supply and waste disposal in urban environments. Cities are increasingly faced with the challenge of balancing inner-city goods transportation with a healthy environment for inhabitants and their demand for a high standard of living. This includes the development of concepts for avoiding and shifting traffic in terms of both time and space, as well as new approaches to land utilization and new mobility concepts.

MAN electric trucks

MAN eTG: the MAN eTruck enters the test phase.
MAN eTG: the MAN eTruck enters the test phase.

MAN Truck & Bus presented the development of its Metropolis concept at the IAA 2016: a pure battery-powered semitrailer tractor for use in inner-city nighttime distribution.

As part of the IAA pre-press conference in July 2018 in Berlin, MAN presented the next step toward commercial vehicle electric mobility: a fully electric truck with solo distribution chassis. The 26-ton truck based on the MAN TGM has a range of up to 180 km using batteries that can be built in under the cab and along the side of the frame. The new fully electric MAN TGM 6X2 chassis forms the technical basis for nine vehicles, which are scheduled for trials at nine member companies of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) from fall 2018.

MAN will include the findings from the trials with the test vehicles in the development of the future series product portfolio of electric trucks.

The eTruck Development and Testing Program is part of MAN Truck & Bus’s electric mobility roadmap for inner-city transportation solutions, which will be part of its range of products from 2021. Trucks and buses use a common electric mobility component, which will be available for a wide range of applications in the future.

MAN electric buses

MAN eBus
New MAN Lion’s City E

Given the need to realize ever-decreasing emissions in inner cities and low emissions and low noise for inner-city traffic, it is clear to MAN that the future of public transportation is predominantly electric. MAN is aware of its responsibility and has included the new Lion’s City E, a purely electric bus, in its product portfolio for the first time. As part of our electric mobility roadmap, we plan to carry out several field trials on a demonstration fleet in the mid-2020s in collaboration with various European operators to see if it is suitable for everyday use. After that, the series production will initially start with 12- and then with 18-meter articulated buses. These vehicles represent the congruence between energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.



The youngest member of the MAN product range is also being electrified. Production of the fully electric MAN eTGE began in July 2018. In doing so, MAN is showing its customers what benefits electric mobility has to offer within the transportation industry of the future in terms of ecology and the economy. The eTGE is not subject to any entry restrictions from a potential ban on diesel vehicles and makes it possible to carry out early, late, or nighttime deliveries in conurbations as it drives very quietly with no engine noise. Last but not least, MAN eTGE owners show forward-looking ecological commitment and can also communicate this to their customers.

The eTGE completes MAN’s electric, and thus environmental, portfolio in all segments, which will be electrified by 2021. With this, local CO2-neutral, inner-city traffic goes from vision to reality. MAN’s universal portfolio shows that the Company is aware of its responsibility and is contributing in terms of its environmental product landscape.