MAN Climate Strategy – production

Status of CO2 reduction in the production process

Target attainment in 2018 compared to base year 2008
Target attainment in 2018 compared to base year of 2008

In 2012/13, we were able to firmly intergrate the issues of climate protection and green production into our central production strategy. As a result, budgets were made available at management level, numerous measures were successfully implemented worldwide, and CO2 levels and energy costs were reduced.

Lighthouse projects worldwide

Lighthouse projects

MAN Truck & Bus: CO2-neutral factory, Pinetown

MAN’s first climate-neutral utility vehicle factory can be found in South Africa. Thanks to photovoltaic systems on the production hall roofs in Pinetown, it was possible for the southernmost MAN Truck & Bus production site to be completely converted to a renewable energy supply. Since December 2014, the plant has been supplying clean electricity to the truck and bus chassis plant, and since 2015, Pinetown has been a climate-neutral site. Thanks to the photovoltaic system, it is also independent of the development of energy prices. Because of this, the investment will pay off in a few years’ time.

MAN Truck & Bus: cogeneration plant, Munich

The new cogeneration plant (Blockheizkraftwerk – BHKW) at the Munich site is a key milestone in the MAN Climate Strategy. With two lots of 2.5 megawatt power, BHKW natural gas will provide 20% of the site’s energy requirements, and therefore save around 9,500 t of CO2 per year. By using natural gas, which simultaneously produces electricity and heat for production, in a highly efficient internal combustion engine, it is possible to make considerable energy and CO2 savings. With these measures alone, around 40% of the CO2 reduction target has been met at the Munich site.

MAN Truck & Bus: production based on LEDs

Since 2017, MAN Truck & Bus has increased its production thanks to the implementation of efficient LED lighting systems. Worldwide, significant parts of the production process have been switched to this lighting technology. As well as considerable energy savings, increased occupational safety and reduced maintenance intervals played a major role in this.

MAN Truck & Bus: three cogeneration plants for Starachowice

This marks a key milestone en route to meeting the MAN climate target. In 2016, three decentralized cogeneration plants with a total capacity of around 1 MW were installed at the bus plant in Starachowice, Poland. The MAN bus site therefore not only reduces energy costs and produces ‘green certificates’, it also cuts CO2 emissions by as much as 4,000 t per year and prevents the use of coal-fired power. The engines of the BHKW are produced at the MAN site in Nuremberg, and ensure clean energy in Starachowice.

Greener energy for MAN sites

Our suppliers provide green energy to several MAN Group sites. We place special requirements on this green energy. Through this, we contribute to climate protection, and increase the demand for green energy.