MAN’s Climate Strategy

Employee engaged in the production of an MAN engine

Mandatory Targets

MAN is aiming to make a significant contribution to cutting CO2 emissions while using the associated business opportunities to its advantage. With this in mind, we commissioned an internal team of experts to draw up a climate strategy. The resultant strategy was approved by the Management Board of MAN SE in September 2011 and presented to MAN Group managers at the MAN Summit. It now forms part of the MAN CR Strategy and supports the attainment of our corporate goals.

Cornerstones of Our Climate Strategy

We can make an important contribution to climate protection, not only at our sites, but through our products and services as well. MAN takes this responsibility seriously. As a first step, we have set ourselves the goal of cutting CO2 emissions at MAN sites by 25% by 2020 — a target we intend to meet by implementing the five core initiatives developed by our Climate Expert Team and launched in 2011.

Core initiatives for Climate Strategy implementation

  1. 25% reduction in CO2 emissions at MAN sites by 2020 (baseline: 2008)
    We will reduce CO2 emissions at MAN sites by improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal), generating energy using combined heat and power (CHP) plants, and through integrated energy-management technology and organization.
  2. Consistently Efficient product portfolio
    We position ourselves in the commercial vehicles and power engineering sectors with sustainable products and services.
  3. Customer involvement and dialog
    We involve our customers and talk to them about ways to reduce the global carbon footprint. After all, many of our customers have already set themselves ambitious targets for cutting CO2emissions.
  4. Potential for reducing CO2 emissions along the product life cycle
    To identify potential for reductions, we measure CO2 emissions along the entire product life cycle.
  5. Climate strategy management
    We manage the implementation of our Climate Strategy and have defined KPIs that are regularly measured and published.

MAN Climate Strategy chart

Reduction in CO2 emissions at the production sites

Our objective is a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions at our production sites by 2020. In 2015, we were able to cut emissions by 19.5% compared to the baseline year of 2008.

The first CO2 neutral commercial vehicle plant is run by MAN in Pinetown, South Africa. More information

Further details can be found in our brochure: "Responsibility for Our Climate. MAN's Climate Strategy"