Corporate Responsibility at MAN

Materiality analysis

We have used a multistep materiality analysis to iden­tify global challenges that are relevant to MAN. This included not only what our stakeholders – including our employees, business partners, and customers – expect of the Company, but also MAN’s own objectives. This led to the definition of six material challenges climate change, scarcity of resources, urbanisation, health, environmental pollution, diversity & equal opportunities, as the basis for our report­ing to the G4 standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These global challenges were then assigned to the corresponding GRI Aspects for which MAN reports at least one performance indicator.

Assessment by MAN CR Council

The MAN CR Council has discussed and analyzed topics such as climate change, scarcity of resources, human rights, and the supply chain. The challenges emerging from this are based on current economic, legal, and social conditions and have a concrete impact on our business.

Assessment by stakeholders

As part of the process of updating the MAN CR Strategy 2025+, a focus workshop for external stakeholders was held in April 2018. The invitation to the event was extended not only to customers and suppliers but also to representatives from academia (TU Munich), from the City of Munich or NGOs such as Amnesty International and GreenCity e.V.

The newly defined areas of activity, which had initially been agreed internally, were discussed in depth with the participants and sometimes raised controversial questions. The stakeholders provided valuable suggestions and tips for the new CR strategy.

The update of the materiality analysis was completed in 2018.

Overview of the main CR topics after evaluation by stakeholders.

It is planned to update the materiality analysis and conduct an external stakeholder workshop in 2020.