CR Strategy

How we respond to challenges strategically.

Our future performance depends on understanding global challenges and recognizing the opportunities and risks with regard not only to sustainable development, but also to commercial success. These factors guided the realignment of our corporate responsibility strategy, resulting in MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+. This is how we live our responsibility – along our entire value chain.

Realignment of MAN’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Since 2010, corporate responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of our corporate strategy. In realigning the CR strategy, we not only took account of our own requirements and objectives for ensuring sustainable business success, but also the expectations of our stakeholders – all those who are affected by the Company’s activities in a variety of ways. Read more about our materiality analysis

CR Strategy 2020+

The CR Strategy 2020+ is our response to the global challenges which have been identified as having material significance for the Company. It allows us to identify the risks and opportunities arising from these challenges at an early stage and react accordingly. This safeguards the future success of our business and makes a contribution to sustainable development. MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+ comprises four CR cornerstones: Integration, People, Production, and Products. Four fields of action have been assigned to each cornerstone. As a result, our CR activities have been brought even more closely into line with the value chain, specifically placing a sharper focus on the use phase of MAN products. More detailed information about each field of action can be found in our 2016 GRI Report.

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Triangle showing the four CR cornerstones of MAN’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2020+

MAN’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2020+: The four CR cornerstones

Triangle showing the 16 fields of action of MAN's Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2020+

MAN’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2020+: The 16 fields of action