Two million clicks for online spot

Riding in the MAN team bus – BVB stars take a shot at a freeway overpass

The most popular video clip in Germany right now is running on the MAN Group's YouTube channel. Some two million viewers have already watched the short film on the Internet portal – in three days alone! Worldwide, the spot with Germany’s first division Borussia Dortmund soccer stars has been number one among all sports videos at times. In addition, several hundred thousand fans have watched the clip on such portals as,, or on the BVB players' Facebook pages.

Dortmund travels MAN: "Hi, I'm Sven. Today we're going to take a shot at the overpass." Assisted by his Dortmund kicker buddies Sven Bender and Marcel Schmelzer, up-and-coming star Nuri Sahin kicks the ball through the front door of the MAN team bus against the abutment of a freeway overpass – while it is traveling at top speed! –– and goalie Roman Weidenfeller catches it from the back door as it rebounds. The brilliance of the four BVB stars is enthralling soccer fans around the world and inspiring numerous discussions as to whether this trick is possible and how it might have been realized.

The film is not only causing a stir in the Internet; current TV programs on sports networks like Sky or Sport1 are also reporting on the clip. Even the well known ARD Sportsschau integrated the spot into its national TV show on Saturday. Moderator Reinhold Beckmann pointed out that the Jürgen Klopp's BVB team is exciting fans game after game with its spectacular offensive soccer performance. In order to make long bus rides more entertaining, the kickers have now invented the so-called "Brückenschuss" – or shot at the freeway overpass.

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