Marine High Speed 

Superyachts with MAN-power at the Boot 2011 international boat show

Compact installation dimensions and high power density of MAN yacht engines are ideal prerequisites for shipyards and owners

The Engines & Components division of MAN Truck & Bus AG is presenting powerful, compact common-rail diesel engines for yachts and recreational craft at the “Boot 2011” boat show (Hall 7a / Stand F23). With its six-cylinder in-line, V8 and V12 engines, MAN comprehensively covers a power spectrum with outputs from 730 hp (537 kW) to 1,800 hp (1,324 kW). Innovative measures taken on the engines ensure compliance with international emission regulations.

Interesting yachts equipped with MAN engines at Boot 2011

Nominees for the "European Powerboat of the Year" award 2011 are the Ferretti 570 and the Monte Carlo Yachts 76: both these luxury yachts are fitted with compact MAN common-rail diesel engines. With its two MAN V8-900 engines, the Flybridge yacht from Ferretti reaches speeds of over 32 knots. The 23-metre long Monte Carlo 76 boasts modern interior architecture, sleek lines and two top-of-the-range MAN V12-1400 engines. Another highlight of the exhibition is the 64-foot Sunseeker Predator 64 yacht. Sunseeker equipped its fast planing hulled craft with a V8-1200 from MAN's new generation of V-engines. The dark-blue 18.75-metre Arcoa 62 yacht in Hall 6 is an elegant eye-catcher. Two MAN CR engines propel the Arcoa with its unusual panoramic saloon at the pleasant cruising speed of 24 knots.

Start of the range: six-cylinder common-rail diesel engines

The slim six-cylinder in-line engines are characterized by powerful acceleration and extremely economical fuel consumption. They are available with outputs of 730 hp (537 kW) and 800 hp (588 kW) at 2,300 rpm. The engines produce their maximum torques of 2,700 Nm (R6-800) and 2,513 Nm (R6-730) at 1,200 rpm, which means that the craft accelerates powerfully at low engine speeds. Compact installation dimensions give shipyards a free hand with their design. These marine engines from MAN have high power density thanks to their low weight of only 1,305 kg. With a consumption of 158 litres/hour at their rated output, the six-cylinder engines also score points when it comes to economy.

V8 and V12 common-rail diesel engines

With its V8 and V12 engines, MAN covers the upper end of the output range. The spectrum of V8 engines extends from 900 hp (662 kW) to 1,200 hp (882 kW) and that of the V12 from 1,360 to 1,800 hp (1,000 to 1,324 kW). These MAN engines are distinguished by their high power-to-weight ratios and great pulling power even at low engine speeds. Thanks to their low consumption, the yacht owner can achieve long ranges. MAN marine engines are a safe investment for the future, being certified for compliance with all international emission regulations. With their compact installation dimensions, the V-block engines also give yacht designers that important element of room to play with.

High power-to-weight ratio: the MAN V8-1200

With its 1,200 hp (882 kW) the eight-cylinder engine offers superb acceleration for yachts and pleasure craft in the 50- to 60-foot class. Maximum torque of 4,000 Nm at as low as 1,200 rpm sends a yacht into the planing phase fast, achieving high speeds in next to no time. Optimal design of the dynamic V8 engine enables it to maintain an output of 1,200 hp (882 kW) from 2,100 through 2,350 rpm. Here MAN engineers have demonstrated in unequalled fashion that a powerful engine can be both lightweight and compact. At only 1.56 kg per horsepower, the V8-1200 is particularly light relative to its power.

Top of the range: the MAN V12-1800

The most powerful diesel unit in MAN's range of yacht engines reaches its maximum torque of 6,020 Nm at only 1,200 rpm, which is why it produces such convincing acceleration. The 12-cylinder engine rapidly gets yachts planing, achieving high speeds in a short space of time. Common-rail direct injection enables fuel injection at very high pressure, producing optimally smooth running and the pleasant ride comfort of this V12. In addition, it is equipped with two-stage exhaust-gas turbocharging.

Compactly scaled at 2,087 x 1,153 x 1,275 mm (L x W x H without gearbox), the V12-1800 leaves designers plenty of freedom and flexibility when planning their yachts. Weight is another advantage – in relation to performance, the 12-cylinder at just 2,365 kg weighs in at an outstanding 1.31 kg per horsepower. To achieve features like these, MAN's engineers further developed the V-series throughout, optimising engine components in the process. Cooling is by a titan plate heat exchanger, which allows flexible configuration of the cooling system. Moreover, the V12 comes with a space-saving and low-weight SAE1 flywheel housing. An advantage for engine installation by a boat builder is the exhaust system with a central gas outlet. All parts needing maintenance such as fuel and oil filters are arranged for ease of access. And the water pump is driven by a gear instead of a belt, reducing maintenance effort even more. To cope with the increased requirements in terms of strength, the V12-1800 is equipped with a bedplate. This bedplate replaces the single bearing caps of the crankshaft, and plays a major part in reinforcing the crank case and minimizing noise emission.

Engine model Cylinders Rating Rated speed Bore / stroke / displacement Length up to flywheel house edge Width Height Average weight of engine ready for installation (dry) Exhaust-gas status

IMO Tier 2

EPA Tier 2 for private use. Commercial use upon request.
    kW (hp) rpm mm / mm / litre mm mm mm kg
R 6-730 6 R 537 (730) 2300 128/166/12.8 1320 882 977 1305
R 6-800 6 R 588 (800) 2300 128/166/12.8 1320 882 977 1305
V 8-900 V 8 662 (900) 2300 128/142/14.6 1175 1230 1120 1565
V 8-1000 V 8 735 (1000) 2300 128/157/16.2 1243 1153 1236 1780
V 8-1000 V 8 882 (1200) 2300 128/157/16.2 1262 1153 1225 1875
V 12-1360 V 12 1000 (1360) 2300 128/142/21.9 1492 1230 1185 1965
V 12-1400 V 12 1029 (1400) 2300 128/157/24.2 1631 1153 1229 2270
V 12-1550 V 12 1140 (1550) 2300 128/157/24.2 1631 1153 1229 2270
V 12-1650 V 12 1213 (1650) 2300 128/157/24.2 1653 1153 1275 2400
V 12-1800 V 12 1324 (1800) 2300 128/157/24.2 1653 1153 1275 2365

The MAN V8-1200 Common Rail stands for compact power and dynamics for pleasure boats and yachts. Its weight-to-power ratio is a particularly good 1.56 kg per horsepower.

The MAN V12-1800 Common Rail represents top of the yacht engine range: Featuring 1.324kW power at 2.300 rpm and 2-stage exhaust turbocharging, it offers efficent and powerful acceleration.