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Successful ME-B concept extends geographical spread

First Chinese ME-B Marks New Departure for Concept

30 January 2009. The first ME-B engine built in China was recently produced by Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Plant in Hubei Province.

The engine, an MAN B&W 6S35ME-B9, underwent a successful shoptest on 15 November at the company’s works in the city of Yichang, Hubei Province, Eastern China. The new prime-mover yields 5,220 KW at 167 rpm with an MEP of 21 bar and has been ordered by the Chinese company Zhejiang ShengRong Shipping.

Type approval achieved
The timing of the new engine’s construction is concurrent with that of a sister engine that recently passed a Type Approval Test (TAT) in Frederikshavn, Denmark. From 19 – 21 November, an MAN B&W 8S35ME-B engine underwent a comprehensive range of test runs over three days in front of representatives from every International Classification Society. The Danish-built engine develops 6960 kW at 167 r/min and was destined for a Turkish customer.

Ole Grøne, Senior Vice President, MAN Diesel Promotion and Sales stated: “It’s a significant stage in the growth of the ME-B engine that the Chinese engine-building sector is now on-board. With its status as one of the world’s most dynamic economies, the appearance of the first ME-B engine in such a market is a positive boost for MAN Diesel and augurs well for the fortunes of the ME-B concept.

The ME-B concept
The economical ME-B design utilises a camshaft-operated exhaust valve and an electronically controlled fuel-injection system. In addition, the physical dimensions of the S46- and S60ME-B bedplates in particular are identical to those of their MC-C equivalents, greatly facilitating retrofit installation of the new technology on such engines with the same footprint if required. Electronic fuel injection makes the new ME-B engines well-equipped to meet Tier-II emission requirements, and is an efficient way of managing current environmental, emission requirements. As with the larger MAN B&W ME-engines, the Alpha Lubricator comes as standard with all ME-B engines, ensuring a very low, cylinder lubricating-oil consumption.

In summary, the ME-B series offers optimal engine performance in powerful, economic and future-oriented diesel engines, ensuring that they will remain market leaders for decades to come. Based on well-proven diesel technology, the ME-B series provides engines geared to market requirements for:

  • electronic fuel-injection control
  • reliability
  • longer time between overhauls
  • better vessel manoeuvrability
  • very low life-cycle costs

The ME-B range now offers 35-, 40-, 46-, 50- and 60-cm models in the smaller bore range, while MAN Diesel’s ME-C concept covers the medium- to large-bore segment of the market.