PrimeServ PIN Intelligently Optimises Maintenance Schedules

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s PrimeServ after-sales division is choosing SMM 2010 in Hamburg to unveil its latest product concept, PrimeServ PIN, a microchip-based system that guarantees spare-parts origin, and supports and optimises maintenance.

PrimeServ PIN guarantees the origin and identification of original spare-parts through the insertion of an unobtrusive, radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip into the part itself. Spare-parts can subsequently be scanned to establish their provenance and a permanent connection established between the mechanical part and SaCoSone, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s engine control system.

The PrimeServ PIN system sits as an integrated part of SaCoSone and optimises engine maintenance by retaining all data and technical characteristics of microchipped spare-parts and flagging parts that need maintenance, inspection or replacement in advance. The microchip facilitates easy identification of the spare-part and any replacements needed.

For cases such as slow-steaming where part-wear rates are lower than usual, PrimeServ PIN automatically adjusts service warnings accordingly – the respective parts can be used longer. That is, PrimeServ PIN optimises service programmes through reducing downtime during maintenance and ensuring compliance with environmental and safety guidelines.

As such, PrimeServ PIN is an intelligent, powerful, condition-based maintenance tool that comes as an integrated part of SaCoSone. It is easily manipulated by touch-screen and its user-friendly display consists of bar charts, hourly displays and colour-coded information.