Plauen to become Bus Modification Centre

About 140 jobs to be retained – employees will be able to transfer to VW Sachsen in Zwickau

From May 2015, the former NEOPLAN plant in Plauen will take on a new role in the MAN structure: the site is set to become a new Bus Modification Centre (BMC) for MAN and NEOPLAN public transport buses and coaches. A staff of around 140 will be employed in implementing specific customer requirements for the final equipment of the vehicles. For example, the new team coaches for top European football clubs, including Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, will be finished exclusively at Plauen.

NEOPLAN bus production will be relocated from Plauen to the MAN plant in Ankara by May 2015. The jobs of all 420 Plauen employees are guaranteed, however, as they will be able to transfer to the VW Sachsen plant in nearby Zwickau. MAN is also guaranteeing all existing contracts for trainees as well as those signed for 2014.

"Every employee will receive a job within the Group," said Anders Nielsen, CEO for MAN Truck & Bus AG. "And the Plauen site will remain part of the MAN structure with 140 jobs. This compromise has the joint support of the Board and employee representatives."

In mid-May MAN informed employees about the relocation of bus production from the NEOPLAN site to Ankara, as well as announcing the prospect of new jobs at Volkswagen Sachsen.

MAN has operated two Truck Modification Centres (TMC) at Wittlich (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Ismaning (Bavaria) for a number of years already. Plauen is set to become the first Bus Modification Centre in 2015.