M/V PRIDE OF SNEEK back in Service

Swift engine damage repair executed at PrimeServ Frederikshavn

A dedicated MAN Diesel PrimeServ repair action, performed over the Christmas holidays and the first weeks of the new year, has brought the Dutch container feeder vessel M/V PRIDE OF SNEEK back in business between the Netherlands and the UK.

In December, the Douwe Visser-owned 11-year old container vessel suffered major main engine damage. The incident happened off Immingham at the vessel’s triangle-service between the Dutch inland water ways and the UK harbours Immingham and Blyth.

The owner and his insurance company had to act on the basis of a closer investigation of the extent of the repair task to be performed. The hotline to PrimeServ’s duty organisation was immediately efficiently deployed for exchange of facts and photos, and consequently a quick quotation and a specification were finalised for the owner. After evaluation of the repair options available and the duration at various sites, it was decided to tow the vessel to PrimeServ Frederikshavn in Denmark.

The facilities in Denmark were chosen by Mr. Douwe Visser since the complete repair job – including steelwork, lifting out/in, new parts and spares, engine repair, starting-up and sea trial – could be managed and handled all-inclusive at one site by one contract partner, MAN Diesel PrimeServ Frederikshavn.

Out-of-stock parts availability – including a new engine block – was of course an important timing issue together with the repair opportunities for the crankshaft.

Mr. Douwe Visser explains: “It was the right repair decision. The job has been well organised with few hands involved – resulting in no bad surprises with regard to time and technical quality. We came in with the vessel on Friday December 11 – and over-the-weekend actions meant that the damaged engine was out of the vessel already on the following Monday. With that, it has to be noted that my engine crew had done some dismantling preparations during the towage to Frederikshavn. And now wecould leave 5½ weeks after - and earlier than originally promised in spite of Christmas and New Year celebrations”.