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MAN publishes the 2019 CR Report

New CR vision lays the foundation for a responsible transition to sustainable transport systems

The MAN Group has published its 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report. MAN’s commitment to corporate responsibility focuses on the electrification of commercial vehicles, climate-friendly methods of production, and responsible partnerships at all stages of the value chain.

MAN’s new CR vision “Clean, Safe, Caring. Driving Responsible Transport.” illustrates the Company’s ambition to shape the transformation of the mobility and transportation sector in a responsible way. “MAN is not just part of this transformation, it is also playing an active part in driving it forward,” explains Peter Attin, Senior Vice President for Corporate Responsibility at MAN SE. “We want to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions and in the number of accidents — both on the roads and in our production. At the same time, we ensure that human beings and their well-being are at the center of everything we do, be it as a result of assistance systems in the vehicle or employee volunteering.”

MAN already achieved the target set in its Climate Strategy 2020 in 2019: with a CO2 reduction of 35%, the Company even exceeded the 25% reduction target (relative to the 2008 baseline) considerably. Work is now in progress to develop a new Climate Strategy for production. This will see MAN extend its horizon to the years between 2025 and 2030. The strategy will mainly include technical efficiency measures as well as the use of renewable energy sources for electricity and heat.

In order to fulfill its commitment to a responsible transition to sustainable transport systems (a concept known as Verkehrswende in German), MAN once again focused sharply on electric powertrains for distribution trucks and for buses in 2019. MAN Truck & Bus was awarded the European Transport Prize for Sustainability in 2019 for its electrically powered MAN eTGE van and the all-electric MAN eTGM distribution truck.

Within the framework of its comprehensive occupational safety and health management program, MAN places a high priority on preventive health and safety in the workplace: it was once again possible to reduce the number of lost-time injuries by 7.6% in the year under review.

MAN’s responsibility for society and the environment also goes beyond its core business — for example as part of employees’ involvement in social and ecological projects. In 2019, MAN employees spent a total of over 2,500 hours on 20 different projects.

The reporting takes place in two formats:

  • The MAN CR Report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. It outlines the ways in which MAN lives up to its commitment to the Ten Principles of corporate responsibility defined by the UN Global Compact.
  • The online version of the CR Report offers a brief overview of MAN’s new CR vision and presents the main activities and projects that took place in 2019. The relevant key performance indicators can also be exported as a table.

Both formats are available at