MAN publishes 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress and Independent Assurance Report

The MAN Group, one of Europe’s leading industrial players in transport-related engineering, has presented its first corporate responsibility report in Munich. In it, MAN commits itself to a CR strategy with ambitious objectives: like certification of all production sites to international environmental management standard ISO 14001 by 2015 and implementation of a Group-wide strategy that includes specific targets for cutting emissions. Corporate responsibility (CR) will also be integrated into vocational training and continuous professional development as well as management development. The first Group-wide employee survey has just gotten underway at MAN.

Performance indicators in the four CR fields of action — corporate governance, integration, economy, and environment — are aimed at measuring, managing, and presenting CR performance. “Corporate responsibility can only be practiced credibly if clear and transparent information is provided,” says Jörg Schwitalla, who is Chief Human Resources Officer of MAN SE and responsible for CR.

An international stakeholder survey in advance of this report formed the basis for selection and subsequent analysis of key sustainability issues. Compliance and governance, product safety, and product-related and production-related environmental protection were thought to be particularly relevant to MAN from both an internal and external point of view. They were followed by employee-related issues. The report outlines an extensive program for all relevant issues. It was drawn up in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting and meets the requirements of the second-highest application level (B+). The CR strategy section and the indicators were examined in detail by auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

The report also represents MAN’s first Communication of Progress for the United Nations Global Compact that the Company joined in December 2010. By acceding, MAN undertook to observe the ten Global Compact principles and encourage implementation of them within the Company and among its suppliers. “Together with our CR strategy, continuous and transparent reporting plays a major role in enabling us to fulfill this obligation at a high level,” explains Yvonne Benkert, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility at MAN.