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MAN presents donation to SOS Children's Village

Festively decorated MAN Christmas truck was transporting €10,000 for SOS Children's Village.

A donation of €10,000 was handed over to the SOS Children's Village in Nuremberg by Hubert Meschnark of MAN Truck & Bus on November 30, 2011. The donation was made by MAN Truck & Bus AG and Euro-Leasing. Euro-Leasing belongs to MAN and is active with great success internationally in fleet management. Some of the money was raised by the sale of models of the MAN Christmas truck. In the framework of the partnership between MAN and SOS Children's Village, the Christmas truck paid visits to various institutions in Nuremberg. SOS Children's Village will be putting the donation to good use in renovating the Nuremberg day-care centers Rennweg and Schweinau.

With two semi-trailer tractors outfitted for Christmas, MAN is on tour in Germany, Austria and Poland during Advent. The trucks are visiting Christmas markets, MAN outlets, kindergartens, children's hospitals and other social institutions. The impressive MAN Christmas trucks are also bringing a sparkle to young eyes at SOS Children's Villages.