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MAN presents corporate responsibility strategy

CR reporting to be audited from early 2011

MAN SE has presented its corporate responsibility (CR) objectives and plans in a strategy report entitled “Our Responsibility”. Following the creation of a central, group-wide function for CR at the start of 2010, this is another step in pursuing the strategic approach of sustainable value creation as an integral part of the Company’s strategy with concrete milestones and making it transparent.

The MAN Group has been regularly reporting on its economic, environmental and social activities since 2004. Using this as a basis, the Company has now developed a clear and long-term CR strategy — complete with fields of action and objectives — which guarantees sustainable value creation through its integrated approach.

Climate change, globalization, demographic development and urbanization are four megatrends that shape the framework of the CR strategy. They affect all key MAN issues, such as transportation systems, mobility structures and energy infrastructure.

MAN’s CR Excellence Team, which is made up of experts from MAN divisions and employees from central functions, has built on this and derived concrete fields of action in corporate governance as well as supplier, environmental and human resources management. Stakeholder dialog plays an important role in all areas.

A CR roadmap lays down how and when which objectives are to be implemented. It serves as a blueprint for each year’s program, assigning responsibilities and deadlines. Under the roadmap, MAN will produce a CR report in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines every year starting in spring 2011, with some sections being independently audited as early as the report for 2010. CR reporting is set to be integrated into the MAN Group’s annual report by 2015.

“As a multinational enterprise, MAN has a clear duty to intertwine responsibility and sustainability into the Company’s DNA and not just by providing technological solutions. We also want to push corporate responsibility in business and society: as a driver of future-proof structures and new ways of thinking,” said MAN SE Executive Board member Jörg Schwitalla.

Yvonne Benkert, Corporate Responsibility Manager for the MAN Group, added: “In our CR strategy we have set ourselves clear goals to open up new opportunities. We know that our products play a role in determining the carbon footprint of transportation and the generation of energy. And we also know that we — as an employer, supplier and customer — are called upon internationally to do our part for fair and eco-friendly conduct at our sites and along the supply chain.”