MAN PrimeServ Introduces Online Service

MAN PrimeServ’s Online Service is a service solution that combines operating data from engines and turbochargers, data-processing technologies and the company’s own, expert knowledge to provide customers with regular reports, remote operation support and troubleshooting help.

As customer needs and equipment differ greatly, Online Service is modular by nature with customised solutions built up by the relevant PrimeServ division. MAN Diesel & Turbo offers Online Service for low- and medium-speed engines, gensets and turbochargers, while turbo machines are already covered by irds® (intelligent remote diagnostic system), a similar trend-monitoring system.

Online Service on MAN Diesel & Turbo Engines

Online Service has been an integral part of all medium-speed Engine Management Contracts since the beginning of 2010, and MAN Diesel & Turbo has since decided to include Online Service as standard for all new engines’ warranty period.

Online Service provides state-of-the-art support and service to customers of, among others, conventional, common rail, dual-fuel, biofuel and gas engine types within power-plant, transport-ship, special-use ship and ferry applications. Ultimately, Online Service aims to minimise engine down-time and to keep engines operating optimally.

MAN PrimeServ can establish an Online Service link by network connection over Ethernet, continuous remote connection through a ship’s communication system, or by means of an on-demand remote connection, depending on the individual situation and desired financial outlay.

Online Service uses MAN Diesel & Turbo’s proprietary engine diagnosis system, CoCoS EDS, to show all data at customer’s installation for the crew. CoCoS is an autonomous, Microsoft Windows® based diagnosis tool that provides an overview of all engine operating data. Currently, MAN Diesel & Turbo reports an excellent uptake of Online Service by the market.