MAN Latin America 

MAN Latin America supplies 5,200 vehicles to the Brazilian government

Further contract for 100 heavy trucks to haulage company in Rio Grande do Sul

VW Constellation and MAN TGX

MAN Latin America has been commissioned to supply the Brazilian Department of Agricultural Development (MDA) with 1,747 trucks and the Department of Education of São Paulo State (Seduc) with 2,603 buses. The Army’s order for 860 vehicles in August brings the total to 5,210 vehicles. These contracts make MAN Latin America the government’s largest commercial vehicle supplier in 2013 with its Volkswagen and MAN brands.

The last quarter saw the Brazilian market leader secure more contracts from the private sector again. MAN Latin America concluded a contract with haulage company Gabardo Transportes, which has the biggest truck fleet in Rio Grande do Sul, to supply 100 heavy trucks.

However, the largest demand for trucks and buses is still in the public sector. The vehicles needed under the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) make the Brazilian government agencies key customers, which in turn stimulates the market. The vehicles are intended to help the country’s development.

Equipped with containers or tanks, the 1,747 trucks commissioned by the Brazilian Department of Agricultural Development (MDA) will be used in the transportation of drinking water, the construction of fortifications, and the maintenance of roads used for farming. The vehicles are due to be delivered by April 2014 to 14 Brazilian states in the North, Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast.

The 2,603 “Volksbuses” ordered by Seduc will be used to transport schoolchildren in São Paulo.

VW Constellation

Market launch
The government contract announcement coincides with the launch of MAN Latin America’s new truck series at the Fenatran transportation trade fair which will take place from October 28 through November 1, 2013, in São Paulo.

The company’s heavy-duty Constellation series has been expanded to include new 19.420, 25.420, and 26.420 trucks with an engine boasting 420 horsepower and automatic transmission fitted as standard. No other truck segment in Brazil is growing as rapidly as this one.