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MAN Diesel Engine Technology to Drive London Green Energy

The British energy company, Blue-NG, has placed an order for a series of MAN B&W type 10L35MC-S diesel engines.

The first four engines will be installed at sites in Beckton and Southall, Greater London, and are intended to supply green, low-CO2 power to the capital by 2010.

The two-stroke, low-speed engines will run on bio-liquids and will be built by MAN Diesel’s Polish licensee, H. Cegielski – Poznan S.A. Each engine develops 6,450 kW at 214.3 rpm and has an ISO 3046 efficiency of 48.9%.

Indeed, this high thermal efficiency is one of the main, contributory reasons for Blue-NG choosing MAN Diesel power. The MAN B&W engines’ performance is unrivalled in the 6MW diesel-power segment where normal efficiencies are usually in the range of 42-47%.

Highly efficient application

The innovative plant, known as CHiP (Combined Heat and intelligent Power) will be the first of its kind in the world.

The engines’ high-temperature waste heat will drive an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbine, while low-temperature waste heat will be used in a natural-gas, pressure-reduction station where the heat will drive turbo expanders. The plant’s total, net electrical efficiency will therefore peak at above 80%.

The client, Blue-NG, is a joint venture between the National Grid, the UK’s gas and power-distribution company, and 2OC Ltd., a company well known in geothermal energy and natural-gas pressure-reduction station projects.

The first MAN B&W 10L35MC-S engine is due for ex-works delivery in December 2009, with the remaining engines due to follow thereafter at three-month intervals.

New segment

This stationary order also represents a new, advanced application for the MAN B&W 35MC engine of which some 2,280 35-bore engines have been sold to date to the marine sector.