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MAN CLA - proven technology for challenging operational conditions in export markets

Rugged and reliable CLA series combines economy with perfor-mance for markets in Asia and Africa.

The sophisticated MAN CLA vehicle concept offers proven technology at competitive prices. The trucks meet all the requirements in terms of the ruggedness and reliability needed under tough and challenging operational conditions. Produced by the MAN plant in India, the vehicles are ideally configured and adapted to the demands of the Asian and African target markets. This combination of technology that is as durable as it is maintenance-friendly makes the MAN CLA a good choice in countries where the service infrastructure is less developed. The equipment is matched to the target markets, enabling optimal, application-specific vehicle configuration ex works. These robust trucks are now being exported via existing MAN sales structures to 25 countries. Since the market launch in 2007, more than 13,000 of these vehicles have been delivered to customers.

The MAN CLA is based on the MAN M 2000L and F 2000 series, which were sold successfully over the course of decades. Two-, three- and four-axle ve-hicles, chassis, tippers and transport mixers are available, as well as chassis for special bodies. Depending on the area of operation, there is a choice of three different cabs for the MAN CLA. The short, functional day cab is suitble for short-haul transport or construction-site operation with maximum utilisation of payload. Ergonomic seats, the adjustable steering wheel, the clearly arranged dashboard, functional switches that are easy to reach and the good panoramic view offer outstanding comfort and functionality. Where rest times are necessary, the medium-length long cab with one bunk and the high-roof cab with two bunks are available.

Adapted to the road conditions and loads typical of the respective country, the MAN CLA has an exceptionally robust chassis and 20- or 22.5-inch tyres. Its leaf-sprung front axle, also specific to where it is operated, can carry six to 7.5 tonnes. The rear axles too – either planetary hub or hypoid – are leaf-sprung and can be configured to carry up to 11.5 tonnes. A high-strength frame modelled for ease of mounting bodywork results in a high payload. The high riding comfort of the chassis is felt convincingly in all situations. The MAN CLA comes with left-hand or right-hand steering.

The vehicles are offered with four-cylinder 180-hp in-line engines or six-cylinder in-line engines of 220 and 280 hp. There is a six-speed overdrive gearbox for the 180- and 220-hp engines, while a nine-speed overdrive gearbox is available for the 280-hp version. These optimally attuned components allow configuration of high-performance drive trains for all vehicles and types of operation up to a total gross train weight of 31 tonnes. Furthermore the vehicles are equipped with a wear-free exhaust valve brake, which both enhances engine braking and lengthens the service life of the service brake.

In 2012 the MAN CLA range will see the addition of buses featuring the major components from the truck range. In a first step the vehicles are set to be designed as two-axle coaches with gross weights of 16 to 18 tonnes and an overall length of eleven to twelve metres. The bus chassis from MAN will be assembled locally by different qualified manufacturers. With an MAN D08 front engine of 220 hp, six-speed ZF gearbox – optionally a VOITH retarder – and leaf-sprung axles, they meet the market demands of a modern drive system. Comfortable and safe, the MAN CLA buses present a robust transport solution for demanding conditions of operation. Target markets are India and a number of regions in Asia and Africa.

A subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus, MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd. produces and sells trucks and buses of the CLA series for the market in India and selected neighbouring countries. The MAN CLA products are exported via the MAN sales companies in Asia and Africa as TiB (truck-in-the-box) assembly kits and as complete vehicles made in India. Through the scale of this long-term investment, MAN Truck & Bus underscores the significance of the Indian market within its BRIC strategy.