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Highest Gen-Set Rating for MAN Diesel 48/60

1200 kW/Cyl Engine Enables Demand Peak Coverage

The business unit Power Plant at MAN Diesel has announced a substantial increase in the power output of its well established type 48/60 engine, the mainstay of its Power Plant business.

The new 48/60 version from the Augsburg-based company offers 1200 kW per cylinder, compared to 1050 kW/cyl. in the existing version and is aimed especially at peak load power generation applications. The new rating represents an increase of just over 14%, and in many applications the ability to cover demand peaks of this order will allow an increase in power demand to be covered without starting additional generators and the power plant operator to benefit from higher rates for the power delivered.

MAN Diesel stresses that the new 1200 kW/cyl. type 48/60 engine rating has already been extensively tested in a land-based application subject to periodic load peaks. Moreover, while this power level is now the highest in the land-based power generation sector for this class of engine, it is well established for continuous duty applications in both marine generator sets and marine propulsion applications with both diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical drive systems.

Indeed, aboard a number of the most modern cruise ships both the propulsion “pods” and the many other electrical consumers (lighting, heating, cooking, air conditioning etc.) are supplied by an onboard power station consisting of several 1200 kW/cyl. type 48/60 engines - a popular choice is the 14,400 kW rated 12 cylinder 12V48/60CR common rail variant. Clearly, given wide variation in vessel speeds and the power needs of the cruise passengers, the MAN Diesel 48/60 engine platform is well proven in applications subject to load variations up to the new 1200 kW/cyl. maximum.

Offered in an inline version with 9 cylinders and vee configuration versions with 12, 14, and 18 cylinders, the type 48/60 engine now offers an overall mechanical output range of 9450 to 21,600 kWm at 500 or 514 rpm for 50Hz and 60Hz power generation respectively. The corresponding generator set electrical power outputs are 9,195 to 21,017 kWe

48/60 Engine Platform Technology
Launched in 1989 with a cylinder output of 885 kW, the 48/60 was updated in 2003 with the introduction of the 1200 kW per cylinder “B” suffix versions. The main elements of the 48/60B upgrading were an increase in engine efficiency, reduced emissions of smoke and NOx, reduced engine width - and thus reduced power house dimensions – as well as improved ease of maintenance and greater simplicity, including a reduced component count and the use of only one turbocharger. As well as the increase in specific output, attention to component weight resulted in further improvements in weight-to-power ratios.

Typical of MAN Diesel four-stroke designs, the 48/60 platform employs a rigid monobloc engine frame in grey cast iron, reinforced by vertical and horizontal tie-bolts. It employs thick walled cylinder liners designed to resist deformation transmitted from the engine frame and so give excellent piston running and sealing characteristics. To promote low piston extraction heights without disturbing the big end bearings, the 48/60B’s connecting rods are split below the small end eyes.

The 48/60 is also available in an uprated, 1200 kW/cyl. version with common rail fuel injection. Well suited to variable load applications, the 48/60CR features improved response to load changes and improved fuel consumption and emissions, especially in part load operation. Under these conditions, the flexibility of common rail injection allows very precise matching of fuel delivery to power demand across the engine’s complete operating map.