Global Drive 2012

The Chair of Automotive Engineering in Technical University of Munich hosted the final presentations of Global Drive International Student Projects on May 24, 2012. MAN supports the program as industry partner.

The program of international student projects from TUM Chair of Automotive Engineering aims to promote global thinking and multicultural cooperation by focusing on future prospects for global automotive technology. Student teams from TUM work on innovative projects with partner student teams from universities abroad. A partner from industry provides professional support for each project.

This year MAN supported "Team China" which involved students from Tongji University in Shanghai as the partner university. They have developed a last mile vehicle to be placed in trucks with the support of Britta Michel from Engineering Research Electronic Systems from MAN Truck & Bus. It introduces a clever solution to delivery problems in the cities where the transportation of goods is hard to make because of crowded and narrow streets.

This is the second year for MAN Group to support the Global Drive International Student Projects.