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Climate-friendly MAN solutions for transportation and energy at Rio+2

MAN provides 17 buses as official partner

MAN is attending the Rio+20 climate protection conference, at which it will be taking part in the debate about sustainable passenger and goods transportation and presenting eco-friendly technologies in the fields of commercial vehicles and energy. As an official partner of the international climate conference with around 50,000 participants, MAN provides 17 shuttle buses for the event.

MAN Latin America is presenting the first Brazilian truck with a hydraulic hybrid system at the MAN Group’s stand — the VW Constellation 17.280 6x2 Hybrid. The MAN Lion’s City hybrid, a city bus with an innovative diesel-electric hybrid drive, will also be on show. This vehicle is already in use in many European cities like Barcelona, Paris, and Munich.

Trucks powered by fuel based on sugar cane are also among the exhibits. MAN Latin America is showcasing the first model that can be run on either diesel or ethanol in the form of the MAN TGS 33.440 6x4. The VW Constellation 17.190 runs on ultra clean diesel, which is a renewable biofuel that contributes to the reduced carbon dioxide emissions of the vehicles.

As one of the world’s leading providers of large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery, MAN Diesel & Turbo offers core components for energy generation, especially for local power plants like those already supplied to Brazil. The engine technologies for power plants displayed at the climate conference guarantee fulfillment of the strictest emission standards. Their high fuel flexibility enables engines to be powered with different fuels like gas or biofuels. MAN Diesel & Turbo is also providing information on the use of compressors, such as the isolation and storage of greenhouse gases, as well as on the production of electricity using gas turbines, and the use of steam turbines in solar power plants and waste-to-energy applications.