Belgian Essers Group orders over 200 MAN TGX

H. Essers, the Belgian transport and logistics group, has ordered 211 MAN trucks. More than 70 % of the vehicles ordered are TGX semitrailer tractors, model 18.440 4x2 BLS with XXL cab or low tractors, model 18.440 4x2 LLS-U, likewise with XXL cab. All vehicles will be delivered in 2009 and then used on routes throughout Europe. Launched in autumn 2007, the MAN TGX and MAN TGS truck ranges were voted "Truck of the Year 2008" at the European Road Transport Show 2007 in Amsterdam.

This order once again confirms the Essers Group's confidence in MAN and a partnership lasting over 15 years. The more than 1,000-strong fleet of the Belgium company consists entirely of MAN trucks. "MAN is always a reliable partner in its products and in its service facilities," explained Noël Essers, Chairman of the Executive Board of the H. Essers Group.

Essers Group voted "Firm of the Year 2007" in Belgium

Founded in 1928 by Henri Essers, the group is today one of the largest service providers in the European transport and logistics sector and employs some 2,800 people at its 26 branches in 12 countries. In 2007 Essers was voted "Firm of the Year" in Belgium. The company offers customised logistics solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical and furniture industries and for transporting goods of high value or with a high transport risk. "We combine the flexibility and the very direct and therefore fast and effective decision-making process of a family firm with the financial strength of a large group of companies," said Noël Essers, the group's chairman.

The Belgian transport and logistics company`s fleet consists entirely of MAN trucks. With the new order of 211 trucks the fleet consists of more than 1,000 MAN vehicles now.

Noel Essers, the Essers Group's chairman is happy about the new 211 MAN trucks for his fleet.