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Annual General Meeting of MAN SE elects shareholder representatives to Supervisory Board

The Annual General Meeting of MAN SE in Munich today elected the shareholder representatives to the Supervisory Board anew until 2021.

Shareholders are now represented on the Supervisory Board of MAN SE by: Michael Behrendt, Matthias Gründler, Mag. Julia Kuhn-Piëch, Angelika Pohlenz, Dr. Dr. Christian Porsche, Mag. Mark Philipp Porsche, Andreas Renschler, and Prof. Dr. Ekkehard D. Schulz.

In the constituent meeting of the Supervisory Board that was held afterward, Andreas Renschler was reelected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MAN SE. The Supervisory Board elected Ekkehard D. Schulz as deputy for the shareholder side and Jürgen Kerner for the employee side.