Alpha Lubricator is Win-Win for Customers and Environment

Milestone of 1,000 retrofits represents record savings of lube oil and a greener environment. Alpha Lubricator Lite takes concept to next level.

Originally introduced in 2000, the Alpha Lubricator has been a major success, enabling customers to save up to 20-30% of lubricating-oil costs, a significant saving for such an expensive resource.

In reference to the 1,000 retrofits, Peter Rytter Jensen, Head of Special Projects, MAN Diesel PrimeServ, Copenhagen, said: “We are very proud to have reached the 1,000 Alpha Lubricator retrofits milestone. It speaks for itself that the market has taken to the Alpha Lubricator so readily. Its inherent advantages are that the customer enjoys significant savings of 20-30% of lubricating oil, while simultaneously reaping the benefits associated with the Alpha Lubricator systems green, environmental image.”

He continued: “The system has undergone continuous development in the course of its lifetime, starting already in the year of its introduction with the ACC version where an algorithm controlling cylinder-oil dosage proportional to the sulphur content in the fuel. Subsequently, in 2007, PrimeServ introduced a ‘soft delivery’ version that further simplified the installation work.

Alpha Lubricator Lite

The success of the Alpha Lubricator has given PrimeServ great experience in this area, which has been put to good use with the development of the Alpha Lubricator Lite. This extends the reach of the Alpha Lubricator concept to smaller-bore engines, spreading its advantage to an even broader range of customers.

Rytter Jensen added: “Our success with the classic Alpha Lubricator has, until now, focused on two-stroke, larger-bore engines. We now want to expand the concept and accommodate customers in smaller-bore segment, many of whom have seen the Alpha Lubricator’s benefits for bigger engines and demanded an equivalent. We have accordingly developed the Alpha Lubricator Lite, which is tailored for this segment.”