MAN Shares

From 2014: Annual cash compensation payments

Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH as the controlling company and MAN SE as the controlled company have entered into a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement (DPLTA) which was concluded on April 26, 2013, and became effective on July 16, 2013, when it was entered in MAN SE’s commercial register.

As a result of the DPLTA, MAN SE will not distribute any further dividends, starting in fiscal 2014. Instead, Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH agrees to make annual cash compensation payments of €3.07 per common or preferred share for the full fiscal year as reasonable compensation to MAN SE free float shareholders for the duration of the DPLTA, starting in fiscal 2014.

Dividend history

  2017 1) 2016 1) 2015 1) 2014 1) 2013 2) 2012 2011
Dividend per share (in €) 3.07 3.07 3.07 3.07 3.07 1.00 2.30
  1. Annual cash compensation payments by Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH.
  2. 2013: Cash dividends of MAN SE in the amount of €0.14 are part of the guaranteed dividend of Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH.