MAN at a glance

Sustainable value creation

Our Company:

The MAN Group is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle and mechanical engineering groups and focuses on activities in the areas of transportation and energy — market segments that offer long-term, global opportunities.

MAN’s business activities are grouped into two business areas: Commercial Vehicles, comprising MAN Truck & Bus and MAN Latin America, and Power Engineering, featuring MAN Energy Solutions (formerly MAN Diesel & Turbo) and Renk.

The Group aims to grow profitably around the world in its two business areas and to achieve a sustained increase in the value of the Company. Customer orientation, technology leadership, and the ongoing expansion of after-sales services are key to achieving these goals.

Our Strategic Alignment:

Focus on transportation and energy
MAN has successfully placed its strategic focus on transportation and energy in recent years. The fact that these are forward-looking and high-growth sectors can be seen in megatrends such as globalization and the associated rise in global trade, population growth, urbanization, and climate change.

Profitable international growth
MAN’s primary objective — sustainable value creation — can only be achieved by generating profitable international growth. This enables the Group to leverage market opportunities and better offset regional market fluctuations. The MAN Group as well as its divisions operate on this basis.

Customer orientation
Globally, MAN stands for high-quality products and closeness to its customers. Customers continuously have to increase their cost-effectiveness and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). MAN focuses on customer needs and is continually developing innovations so as to be able to service the changing requirements in the best possible way. Maximum efficiency in its transportation solutions is ensured by absolute reliability.

Technology leadership
Technology leadership is one of the keys to success for MAN. We develop solutions for our customers that are tailored to their markets and their needs. This and our ability to constantly pioneer and evolve has made us a leading player in the transportation and energy industry.

Continuous expansion of after-sales business
The continuous expansion of after sales is a high priority for all of the MAN Group’s divisions. Firstly, we want to leverage previously unexploited potential, which contributes considerably to earnings. Secondly, we can use this to achieve a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Sustainable value creation
The strategic focus serves its primary objective of sustainable value creation and is thus the foundation for its business success. Profitability, growth, and sustainable corporate governance enable MAN to increase its long-term enterprise value. The basis for this is comprehensive and strategic management of all demands placed on the Company.