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MAN’s CR Strategy

MAN employee

The main hallmark of the MAN CR strategy is an integrated approach. The aim is for corporate responsibility to exert an influence on every element of corporate strategy, thereby enabling sustainable value creation.

The strategy

Corporate responsibility is part of the corporate and leadership culture at MAN and drives our vision. We are committed to sustainable value creation, which for us means long-term economic value combined with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and all of our stakeholders – whether they be employees, customers, investors, or society at large. As a result, our stakeholders will reward us with strong sales and lasting trust.

Fields of action of the CR dimensions

Elements of our CR strategy

Our CR principles guide the definition of our CR strategy. They were signed off by the Executive Board of MAN in July 2010 and took immediate effect. The strategy adopts an integrated approach. Built around the three dimensions of economy, ecology and people, the strategy is founded on good corporate governance and designed to create value for society. MAN has translated the various strategic dimensions into concrete fields of action that have been assigned priority status. The MAN Executive Board has lent added weight to these fields of action as well as to the CR roadmap derived from them.

Added value for society

At MAN, we see ourselves as part of the society in which we operate. Through our activities we not only safeguard our own future but also create benefits for our operating environment, and will continue to do so in the future – as an employer, a source of vocational training and a client, and last but not least as a good corporate citizen at all our sites around the world. For many years now, numerous centrally controlled and locally initiated activities have been taking place to this end.

Corporate Responsibility at MAN