MAN Shares

Basic Information on MAN Stock

Criteria Common Shares Preference Shares
ISIN Code DE0005937007 DE0005937031
Security ID number 593700 593703
Reuters abbreviation (Xetra) MANG.DE MANG_p.DE
Bloomberg abbreviation (Xetra) MAN GY MAN3 GY

  • Capital stock: 147,040,000 individual, no-par shares, including 140,974,350 common shares (96%) and 6,065,650 preference shares (4%)
  • Stockholder Structure: Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, held 75.70 percent of the voting rights in MAN SE as of June 30, 2016.
  • Arithmetic value of each share as a proportion of MAN SE capital stock: €2.56
  • Stock documentation in the form of a global certificate; no real, i.e. physical, stock certificates can be issued
  • Preference shares: non-voting, but has the advantage over common stock in regard to dividends; proprietary rights are identical
  • Trading: both classes of stock are traded on the XETRA and on all seven German stock exchanges
  • Index affiliations: CDAX, Dow Jones STOXX®, Dow Jones STOXX® Industrial, Dow Jones EURO STOXX®, Dow Jones EURO STOXX® Industrial
  • Change of stock market segment: With effect of January 4, 2016, MAN SE changed from the Prime Standard segment to the General standard segment. As a result the requirements for remaining in the MDAX are no longer met.

Key performance indicators for MAN shares

MAN shares charted a slightly positive development in 2015 as the international stock markets posted significant gains. However, the market environment remained volatile, and China's weakened economy in particular unnerved capital markets.

Key indicators for MAN common shares 2015 2014
Earnings per share 1) in € 1.02 0.88
Market capitalization (as of December 31) 2) in € million 13,626 13,546
Closing price in € 92.70 92.16
High in € 99.02 93.80
Low in € 90.20 87.99
Number in thousands 3) 140,974 140,974
Annual cash compensation payment in € 3.07 3.07
Dividend yield 4) in % 3.3 3.3
Total return 5) in % 3.9 6.7
Dax yield in % 9.6 2.7
MDax yield in % 22.7 2.2
Euro Stoxx yield in % 10.3 4.1
  1. For continued operations.
  2. Basis: 140,974,350 common shares and 6,065,650 preferred shares.
  3. Only common shares.
  4. Annual cash compensation payment of €3.07 based on the closing price on December 31.
  5. Assumes reinvestment of the annual cash compensation payment on the last trading day of the month in which the Annual General Meeting was held.

Source: Bloomberg