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Christian Schulz, a driver for the Borussia Dortmund club in front of the MAN-made team coach

Training for professionals

As even the very best must practice, the coach drivers of football stars undergo regular training sessions delivered by MAN ProfiDrive. Christian (“Schulle”) Schulz, who drives the coach for the Dortmund Borussia club, outlines the details of these drills.

Christian Schulz in an Interview

Driver Kong Sai in the driver's cab of his MAN TGM

Clean team

Waste disposal in the Chinese special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau? No problem with trucks made by MAN. A visit with two operators, who keep their cities clean.

Tackling metropolitan waste with MAN

Picture: © Virgile Bertrand

MAN truck driving on a snowy road in Siberia

Efficient in snow and ice

Just how much cold and snow can a MAN truck cope with? And how best to boost load capacity under extreme conditions? MAN’s Russian customer SIBITEK proves that the most difficult challenges can result in the most efficient solutions.

SIBITEK’s opinion on MAN

Compressor station on the bed of the Norwegian Sea, © Aker Solutions

300 meters below sea level

In the Norwegian Sea lies an MAN product that could revolutionize the oil and gas industry.

Compressor technology on the seabed

Picture: © Aker Solutions

The ice hockey team „Cologne Sharks” in front of their new NEOPLAN team coach

The black shark

The MAN Bus Modification Centre fulfils almost any special requests. Nowadays, the ice hockey team of the Cologne Sharks utilises one of the Centre’s luxurious customised coaches.

Customised coach