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Engineering the future

MAN platoon on the motorway

Arrival: 3 a.m. in Rotterdam

After 13 hours and 880 kilometers, the MAN platoon reaches its destination point in Rotterdam. The pioneer voyage on the occasion of the “European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016” has been a major success.

Project manager Daniel Heyes and his team in an interview

MAN is testing a platoon of two trucks on the motorway A9 near Munich

Connected driving: the platooning challenge

MAN platoons are efficient. Driving in a convoy saves fuel and is eco-friendly. MAN demonstrates this on its way to Rotterdam at the “European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016.”

Platooning at MAN

New concept study by the Reutlingen University and MAN

Buses 3.0

Networked, individual and transparent: Four projects of Reutlingen University visualise the potential future for mobility. Cooperating with MAN, design students pondered how buses could evolve into man’s best friend.

Buses of the future

Photovoltaic installation at the MAN plant in Pinetown

Watts from the sun

Climate-neutral and sustainable: The MAN manufacturing site in South Africa’s Pinetown sets an example for the future. A solar installation delivers the energy for production.

The zero emissions plant

Machine train inside the factory

Heartbeat of efficiency

An enterprise that manages to grow in spite of constantly rising material costs is doing most things right. The Chinese petrochemicals group Hengli is such an enterprise. And MAN plays an essential role in its growth.

Achieving efficient production with MAN