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MAN timeline

1750 - 1824

"St. Antony“ ironworks commences operation in Oberhausen as the first heavy-industry enterprise in the Ruhr region

The "Gute Hoffnung" (Good Hope) ironworks starts up in Oberhausen

Rails supplied for the Rauendahl coal track, Germany´s first horse-powered railway

Establishment of "Sulzer-Escher Wyss" works in Zurich

Merger of the three ironworks St. Antony, Gute Hoffnung and Neue Essen to form Hüttengewerkschaft und Handlung Jacobi (Iron Mining and Trading Company), Oberhausen

Delivery of the first steam engine

1825 - 1849

Delivery of the first locomotive

Sander'sche Maschinenfabrik established in Augsburg

Klett & Comp. established in Nuremberg

Sander'sche changes its name to C. Reichenbach'sche Maschinenfabrik, Augsburg

First high-speed book-printing press

1850 - 1899

Legal form and company name of C. Reichenbach’sche Maschinenfabrik changed to Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Aktiengesellschaft, Augsburg

Klett & Comp. renamed Maschinenbau Actiengesellschaft, Nuremberg; Hüttengewerkschaft und Handlung Jacobi, Haniel & Huyssen changes its name to Gutehoffnungshütte (GHH), Actienverein für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb (Joint-Stock Company for Mining and Ironworks), Oberhausen; formation of Mechanische Werkstatt von Johann Renk, Augsburg

First German rotary printing press for newspapers; first refrigerating machine "System Linde"

First diesel engine

Together with Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Aktiengesellschaft, Rudolf Diesel builds the world´s first diesel engine; construction of the Müngsten Railway Bridge

Merger of the companies in Augsburg and Nuremberg to form Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg und Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg A.-G., Augsburg

Construction of the Wuppertal suspension railway

1900 - 1924

Production of steam turbines begins

Commencement of truck-building activities Büssing

First GHH steam turbine

Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg und Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg A.-G., Augsburg renamed Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG, Augsburg (M.A.N.)

First "Roland" sheetfed offset printing press

Loss of key foreign branches and patent rights, production facilities reduced

Lastwagenwerke M.A.N.-Saurer

Foundation of Lastwagenwerke M.A.N.-Saurer (LWW) truck plant. Start of commercial vehicle production in Lindau

Relocation of the commercial vehicle production plant from Lake Constance to Nuremberg

M.A.N. joins up with GHH

Integration of the truck plant into the Nuremberg plant as the Truck Construction Department (TI)

Establishment of Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau GmbH as an affiliate of GHH

First diesel engine truck with direct fuel injection plus the first low-frame omnibus

1925 - 1949

Construction of the first three-axle truck: S1H6 model

Takeover of the company Ferrostaal founded in The Hague, Netherlands, by GHH

Back then the world's most powerful heavy-duty truck

Back then the world's most powerful heavy-duty truck with 140/150 hp

Development work begins on exhaust-gas turbochargers for diesel engines

Development of the all-wheel drive for utility vehicles

Loss of all foreign operations, heavy war damage, the Allied Forces take control of all GHH companies

1950 - 1974

First supercharged diesel engine, 46% efficiency ratio

First German diesel truck with exhaust gas turbocharger

First German diesel truck with exhaust gas turbocharger

The world´s largest metal extruder; first sheetfed offset printing press to be constructed in series; production of tube reactors for chemical plants begins

The Munich plant´s first truck dating from 1955

M.A.N. truck plant opened in Munich

The world´s largest planetary marine transmission

The New Technology Division becomes involved in the European Launcher/ ARIANE space project

Takeover of Automobilwerke AG Büssing, Braunschweig

Amalgamation of Schloemann AG and Siemag Siegener Maschinenbau to form SMS Schloemann-Siemag AG, Düsseldorf

1975 - 1984

Merger of Roland Offsetmaschinenfabrik Faber & Schleicher with M.A.N.'s previously hived-off Printing Press Division based in Augsburg to create MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG, Offenbach

Acquisition of the Danish company B&W Diesel A/S

First heavy, two-stroke diesel engine with an efficiency ratio of over 50%

MAN Truck produced in 1985

M.A.N.'s remaining divisions become independent and are formed into separate companies

1985 - 1994

M.A.N. integrated into Gutehoffnungshütte Aktienverein AG forming MAN Aktiengesellschaft and the registered office moved to Munich (restructured as a "contractual group")

Development begins on booster casings for the ARIANE 5 launching rocket

Delivery of nine four-stroke diesel engines for the "Queen Elizabeth II“, the world´s largest diesel-electric drive for a civilian liner

Acquisition of a 50% interest in the French diesel-engine manufacturer S.E.M.T. Pielstick (currently: 100%)

First low-floor articulated bus with continuous low-level platform dating from 1990

First low-floor articulated bus with continuous low-level platform

Market launch of the MAN Lion's Star (Coach of the Year 1994)

Merger of the MAN Group´s materials handling activities with TAKRAF Lauchhammer GmbH to form MAN TAKRAF Fördertechnik GmbH

1995 - 1999

The new company, GHH BORSIG Turbomaschinen (GBT), Oberhausen, commences operations after taking over Borsig´s activities

The world´s first 10-stage geared compressor; 100th ARIANE flight; first CSP plant in Europe

GBT renamed MAN Turbomaschinen AG GHH BORSIG; production commences at the bus plant in Poznan, Poland

Delivery of the first component for the X-38 orbital glider; NL 263 chosen as Bus of the Year; construction of a supermagnet for CERN

MAN AG – 1:10 share split, conversion to individual shares; takeover of a majority share in Mannesmann Demag Metallurgie and formation of SMS Demag AG, Düsseldorf

2000 - 2004

Takeover of the brands NEOPLAN (bus), ERF and Star (truck); acquisition of Alstom Engines´ diesel activities in Great Britain; takeover of Sulzer Turbo, Switzerland

The one millionth MAN commercial vehicle rolls off the line; presentation of the new Trucknology Generation TG-A (Truck of the Year 2001); presentation of the first plateless digital printing system "DICOweb" at the drupa trade fair

Redemption of the company´s own preference shares; formation of the "NEOMAN" Bus Group and the "MAN TURBO" Group

MAN to sell shareholding in SMS to the Weiss family

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge launches its new engine generation D20 Common Rail

Foundation of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Österreich AG (formerly ÖAF and Steyr Nutzfahrzeuge)

2005 - 2009

Regina Verwaltungsgesellschaft sells its stake; MAN sells MAN Logistics, MAN Technologie, MAN WOLFFKRAN, SHW.

Bus of the Year Award for the MAN Lion's City

MAN Roland is no longer part of the MAN Group as of January 1, 2006. Instead, it is transferred to a joint venture between Allianz Capital Partners and MAN.

Integration of MAN DWE GmbH into the MAN Turbo Group; acquisition of steam turbine division from B+V Industrietechnik GmbH

Conversion of MAN B&W Diesel AG into a European Company renamed "MAN Diesel SE"

MAN TGX and MAN TGS dating from 2007

Market launch of the TGS and TGX in the heavy-duty series (Truck of the Year 2008)

In 2008, MAN celebrated its 250th anniversary, making it one of the world's oldest industrial companies. The St. Antony iron and steel works in Oberhausen started operations on October 18, 1758. Since then MAN has played a major role in German industrial history. Our company's name has stood for technical innovation, successful products and reliable partnerships for more than 250 years.

The new subgroup MAN Latin America is formed following acquisition of VW’s Brazilian truck and bus activities; majority sale of MAN Ferrostaal to IPIC; MAN becomes a European Company (SE).

2010 - 2014

MAN Diesel and MAN Turbo merge to become MAN Diesel & Turbo

MAN´s Concept S

"Concept S" design study presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge changes its name to MAN Truck & Bus AG;

Volkswagen AG becomes MAN's majority shareholder

MAN and Sinotruk launch joint truck brand SITRAK; the MAN TGX is nominated Green Truck 2011

Volkswagen increases its share of voting rights in MAN SE to 75.03 percent

MAN Diesel & Turbo aquires Swiss based magnetic bearing specialist Mecos Traxler AG.

Euro 6 generation

AT the IAA in Hannover, Germany, presents MAN Truck & Bus Euro VI exhaust-gas technology for trucks and coaches.

At the Annual General Meeting of MAN SE the domination and profit and loss agreement between MAN SE and Truck & Bus GmbH – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG – is approved.

The MAN TGX, made by MAN Latin America in Brazil, has twice been voted truck of the year – one of Brazil’s most prestigious awards in the automotive sector.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG acquires MAN Finance International GmbH and expands thereby its business to include financing, leasing, and rental activities for MAN Truck & Bus.

With the MAN 12V175D, MAN Diesel & Turbo presents the first cylinder version of its new high-speed engine family at the maritime trade fair SMM in Hamburg, Germany.

MAN Truck & Bus presents at the IAA in Hannover, Germany, the new top truck model TGX D38 with a innovative D38 six-cylinder inline engine.


MAN Diesel & Turbo acquires 100% of the shares of MaxWatt Turbines Pvt. Ltd., an Indian specialist company for engineering, production and service of steam turbines for applications in power generation and mechanical drives.

Volkswagen creates an integrated commercial vehicles group for business with mid-sized and heavy trucks and buses: Truck & Bus GmbH becomes the new holding for the MAN and Scania commercial vehicle brands.

The world’s first subsea turbocompressor unit is in operation. The facility features two MAN Diesel & Turbo HOFIM motor-compressor units.