Entry Opportunities at MAN

You're looking for an interesting challenge with excellent prospects? At MAN you'll find plenty of opportunities to exceed yourself.

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MAN employee assembling a diesel engine

A foundation for your future

Challenging, interesting and with excellent prospects - training at MAN lays the foundation for a successful professional life. During your training, we prepare you for your career with the aid of experienced specialists using the latest technology.

From the very beginning, you will work on specific projects in your area of training, rapidly gathering experience. During in-house seminars, we impart the technical expertise you need, along with methodological, social and personal skills.

At more than 150 training centers in Germany alone, we currently provide some 840 young people each year with comprehensive practical training in over 30 trades and more than 10 courses of study. MAN also offers recognized training courses in Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and South Africa.

You can find out more about the nature and content of the training courses by contacting MAN sites directly.